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Fouad Abi Daoud is a valued Broker partner. The Business deals he presents to the Credit Union Atlantic are extremely well researched and of excellent quality. Over the past few years our Company has formed a solid business relationship with Fouad and we value his Commercial Real Estate Business. In the future we are looking forward to a growing relationship with Boulevard Asset Management.
Scott Durling, VP, Member Services, Credit Union Atlantic
Scott Durling - Vice President, Member Services
Fouad Abi Daoud tirelessly works on the client’s deal, looking at it from every angle, finding solutions where others quickly give up. Its great when the client can make a phone call and get their financing quickly in order, unfortunately that is happening less and less, but Fouad always gets it done even for the “slightly unorthodox” loans.
Patricia Roberts - Professional Realtor, Sutton Professional Realty
Patricia Roberts - Professional Realtor