Small Business Financing

Determining the Best Financial Solution to Grow Your Business

There are many nuances to obtaining financing for a a new enterprise or small business. Boulevard Asset Management is committed to providing financial solutions best suited to your distinct business challenges. Our Small Business Advisers have a solid understanding of what it takes to get our Clients from the conceptual stages of business planning to producing a good or providing a viable service for profit.

Being a new Immigrant to Canada or operating a small business in an unstable industry, can appear to present insurmountable obstacles when trying to obtain Financing.  The time and effort to create a Business Plan, secure an adequate down payment, and understanding the process involved in obtaining  a government guaranteed loan can be extremely frustrating.

Many Startups simply give up, or resort to pre-selling debit or credit sales at cripplingly high Interest Rates.  There are other viable options for your Small Business Enterprise.  Our Strategic Investment Advisers make funding easy, enabling you to remain focused on day-to-day business operations and other opportunities to grow your business.

Our Services Include:

Marketing Strategies
Branding Strategies
Business Plans
Inventory Financing
Equipment Financing
Expansion Loans
Advertising and Marketing Financing
Working Capital Financing