Halifax Nova Scotia Waterfront

Canada's East Coast Real Estate Market

Since the mid-sixties, Halifax has had the potential to grow into a major center on Canada’s East Coast.  Promised oil booms were a bust, and Halifax watched Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary surpass it.  Halifax was content on being a small town on the East Coast where its children would leave for a better future and return to visit their parents.  However, this time something is different.  This sleepy town on the edge of North America is experiencing growing pains.  The potential for growth here is now greater than any other region in North America.  Growth fueled by ship building, oil exploration, and a desire to create a favorable business climate, is now allowing Halifax to reach its potential as a major center on Canada’s East Coast.

Realizing there is a viable Commercial Real Estate market in Nova Scotia, in 2011 I established Boulevard Asset Management.  I wanted to create a Boutique niche that would provide an alternative source for my Client’s to access Commercial Real Estate Financing.

My background in Banking combined with my Master’s in Business Administration allows me and my associates to structure financial solutions that are advantageous for both the Borrower and the Lender. Our dedication to our Client’s investments drives us to find the best solutions for their Real Estate portfolios.

Since its inception Boulevard Asset Management has provided integrated Real Estate Services that maximize and increase the investment returns of each Client’s Real Estate Portfolios.We would appreciate the opportunity to fulfill your Commercial Financing needs. Fouad Abi Daoud